Long Beach Playhouse

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Long Beach Playhouse is an iconic Community Theatre with two distinct stages: MainStage and The Studio - each with its own unique season offerings.

For more information, please visit our website or call (562) 494-1014

More upcoming events at Long Beach Playhouse

Apr 25   "Ravenscroft"
Apr 26   "Ravenscroft"
Apr 27   "Ravenscroft"
May 02   "Ravenscroft"
May 03   "Ravenscroft"
May 04   "Ravenscroft"
May 24   "The Philanderer"
May 25   "The Philanderer"
May 30   "The Philanderer"
May 31   "The Philanderer"
Jun 01   "The Philanderer"
Jun 06   "The Philanderer"
Jun 07   "The Philanderer"
Jun 08   "The Philanderer"
Jun 13   "The Philanderer"
Jun 14   "The Philanderer"
Jun 15   "The Philanderer"
Jun 20   "The Philanderer"
Jun 21   "The Philanderer"
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Long Beach Playhouse
5021 E. Anaheim St.
(562) 494-1014
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